Garage Door and Entrance Screens

Enhance property value while staying cool and keeping pests out!

Let your Garage or Entrances become attractive usable space!

Our screens provide the function of more space, and the aesthetics of enhanced property value in addition to climate, solar, and bug control.


Let the outdoors in! Our garage door screen is an industry-class leader that provides energy efficient sun shading, shelter from insects, climate control capability and rain and wind reduction. The ingenuity of our screen system is highly sought after and has pleased even the most discerning homeowners with its beauty, multiple applications and ease of use. Whether increasing the value of your home, extending the use of outside areas or providing enhanced comfort, West Shore Shade’s garage door screen is an important addition to realizing your exterior screening vision.


Make a great first impression with Entrance Screening! Increase the value of your property by enhancing your curb appeal with both style and function. Entrance screens will keep your visitors cool whether it is on your front porch or back patio. Perfect for enjoying the Florida weather!

Ambiance & Functionality

  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • 30+ standard fabric choices
  • Insect control
  • Solar/Sun control
  • Manual or automated screen technology

Fabrics & Function

West Shore Shade offers screen fabrics in weights of #80, #90, and #95. Many standard colors are available to match your property’s exterior color and enhance your curb appeal.

Product Info – Garage Screens & Entrance Screens

Benefits of Garage and Entrance Screens
Exterior screening on your garage door or entrance enables you to extend usage of your space by reducing heat, wind, rain, and insects while decreasing heat gain, which is responsible for up to 50% of the energy usage to cool homes.

– Our screen zipper system and seams are RF or Pulse Welded (heat welded) for extreme support.
– The screen entry guide on the side rail aligns and stabilizes the screening to perfection.
– The heavy duty zipper system and bottom bar reduce friction providing precision lifting and lower capacity.
– There is no need to re-tension screens after installation. The heavy duty bottom bar retains a tight screen.
– The bottom bar is weighted down with marine-grade stainless steel bars to prevent corrosion.
– All corners are reinforced for added strength.
– The screen is splined directly to the Motor Tube to eliminate sagging.
– No screws are visible in the side rails or bottom bar, providing a clean and elegant appearance.
– Tubular motors and electronics have been tested for high quality and strength.
– Industry-leading warranties.
– Controllers in handheld, keychain, or wall-mount. 1, 4*, 6*, or 16 channel available.
* limited style choices available

Need added peace of mind?
For an added touch of safety you may include one of our rebound technologies. We offer a “sensory rubber seal” inserted along the bottom bar, or a rebound functionality that is programmed within the tubular motor. Or you may choose to select both!

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